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Pagoda Benmei Shaoxing Yellow Wine

Pagoda Benmei Shaoxing Yellow Wine

Character: Medium-bodied


ABV: 14.0%

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Pagoda brand is 100% hand made based on traditional artisan methods, using only natural ingredients with a minimum of 11 months of natural fermentation. 

The Ben Mei Yellow Wine  is bottled in a fine porcelain, known as Longquan celadon. A type of willow- green glazed Chinese ceramic, produce in Longquan region since AD 950.

Tasting Notes

"Bright golden amber colour, with delicate and subtle notes of almonds and vanilla.
Medium bodied with a rich umami finish and a profile is similar to that of dry sherry."

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About this wine/region/producer

Most of China’s vineyards lie just north of the Yangtze river. Around 80 per cent of China’s wine growers overall are dedicated to bordeaux-style red wines, and cabernet sauvignon is the predominant grape (China has the largest planting area of cabernet sauvignon vines in the world). You’ll also find pinot noir, muscat hamburg, and grape crossbreeds – made when growers deliberately cross two grape species – such as marselan, a blend of cabernet sauvignon and grenache.