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Baoyun Jiang Jiu 425ml (Red)

Baoyun Jiang Jiu 425ml (Red)



ABV: 55.0%

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Experience the harmonious balance of flavors with BAOYUN JIANG JIU. Our premium baijiu combines high-quality ingredients with a modern twist, creating a smooth and elegant drinking experience.

Tasting notes.
  • Appearance: Light gold almost transparent, with dense distillate bubbles.
  • Nose: Floral, deep and hints of nuttiness, caramel notes
  • Taste: Long spicy and peppery, dried dates with a hint of nuts. Silky, dry but smooth.
  • Style: Obvious Jiang-aroma, typical daqu jiang-flavor style.
  • Finish: Long finish, long lasting aroma lingers in empty cup, ‘Put the cup upside down, the cup still smells the next day’.
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About this wine/region/producer

Most of China’s vineyards lie just north of the Yangtze river. Around 80 per cent of China’s wine growers overall are dedicated to bordeaux-style red wines, and cabernet sauvignon is the predominant grape (China has the largest planting area of cabernet sauvignon vines in the world). You’ll also find pinot noir, muscat hamburg, and grape crossbreeds – made when growers deliberately cross two grape species – such as marselan, a blend of cabernet sauvignon and grenache.