Other Regions 其它产区

Other areas in China with notable wine industries include Beijing (a main focal point for demand, and close to the high-profile Yan Huai River Valley); Gansu (neighbouring Ningxia, with a similar climate and a long history of winemaking); Jilin (the Chinese wild Amur grape, Vitis amurensis, which is highly cold resistant and an excellent candidate for cross breeding, is grown in the Changbai Mountain area, this is an ice wine producing region); Liaoning (a north-eastern province producing high-quality ice wines, mostly with Vidal); Heilongjiang (China’s northern-most province, also producing ice wines, mostly with Vidal); Sichuan (a south-western province famous for its spicy food but with mild winters that allow vines to survive without intervention); and Guangxi (a warm and humid southern province that is showing promise with the indigenous variety Vitis quinquangularis Rehd).